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Allan Kardec : This book The Gospel According to Spiritism

This book The Gospel According to Spiritism, contains the same gospels that are in the bible, and then, after each verse, Spiritists the interpretation of the vision, and interpretation by Spiritisme in the mold of Allan Kardec. Gospel is the same Jesus of the Gospels that are in the Bible, with explanations of Spiritists, the open, you can see that is the same verses of the Holy Bible. In pdf--->

I witnessed the healing, with Prayer 82, and 83 (Book: The Gospel According to Spiritism, editing FEB) of a drug addict, 31, who lived 15 years among beggars, in addiction to crack. I follow still the case, as an observer, since for more than 1 year, this person off drugs. The Prayer 83, is done daily, in the morning, once at night. Jota Pedroso, Canoes Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Text as I have printed and distributed:

* Here, a great prayer to rid people
the action of evil spirits, which can even cure,
people, of many evils, and among these, for
free them from dependence on drugs and alcohol
(In `` N'', say the person's name)


Prayer. (At obsessed)

83.Prece. (At obsessed) - God Almighty,
worthy that thou give me the power to release * N. .. of
influence of the Spirit that haunts.
If your plans are to put an end to this evidence,
grant me the grace to speak authoritatively to that

Good Spirits assistis me and you, your angel
guardian, give me your competition; help me to
rid him of impure fluid in which it is involved.

In the name of God Almighty, the adjure
Malfazejo spirit that torments you to leave.

(Printed and distributed free by JP, AK

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