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Joyce Richey, USA : Spiritism In United States

Spiritism In United States

Jota Pedroso

My thanks and appreciation go out to my dear friend from the city of Canoas, in Southern Brazil, Jota Pedroso, who actually taught me that despite the fact I've always felt myself to be of a spiritual nature, in reality, I definitely fall into the group known as "Spiritists", a group probably much larger then we think, as the term "Spiritism" or "Spiritist" in our country is not often spoken of, and concentrates more on people who believe in the paranormal when it comes to spirit communication.
Jota is a medium, a musician, a radio and TV personality, and is very involved with EVPs and other means of spirit communication. Despite his having a family, a business, and all his other interests, he always finds time to counsel and help anyone in need.
Jota has given me his permission to include an amazing video he recently captured of a little bird pecking on the outside of his window as if inviting him to come outside to visit. This tiny beautiful little bird obviously could feel Jota's tenderness and goodness as it was not scared to jump on Jota's hand and remain there as Jota spoke to it softly of spirit communication and the teachings of Alan Kardec. Spirit visits in many ways, and this precious little bird is just another example. 
Joyce Richey, USA

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